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Significance of Salagram

Salagramam or Salagram are sacred stones found in the Kali and Gandaki River, Himalayan streams. It is worshipped by Hindu devotees as a form of Lord Vishnu.

Legend has it that Lord Krishna was cursed by a chaste woman that he would become a stone and Lord Krishna to fulfill curse appeared as Salagramam. There are numerous stories regarding the origin of Salagrama. (you can read a story here.)

The importance of Salagram is mentioned in several Hindu scriptures. It is believed that the worship of Salagram is equal to worshipping Lord Krishna. Certain scriptures state that Lord Krishna resides in the Salagram.

सलाग्रमं शिलायाँतु साक्षात् श्री कृष्ण सेवानाम
नित्यम संनिहितास तत्र वसुदेवो जगाद गुरू

Salagrama consists of two words ‘saalayah’ and ‘graamam.’ ‘Saalyah’ means lord and ‘gramam’ means a congregation. Thus Salagram represents a group of gods in one place.

The Salagram bears the emblems of Vishnu, especially the chakra. The Salagram is black in color and they sparkle.