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Geometric Symbol and Diagram for female principle in Hinduism

There are particular symbols for male, female, creation etc in Hinduism. The symbol for female principle in Hinduism is circle with a dot in the center and inverted triangle. These geometric symbol and diagram explains the female principle or nature in Hindu religion.

As per the Shaktas, or the school of thought that believes in the female energy concept, Mother Goddess Shakti is the deciding factor in salvation or moksha.

Creation is only possible in Mother Goddess. The life force is her wish. She is the mother of all energy forms.

She is worshipped in innumerable forms including Durga, Kali, Parvati, Chamunda…

She is also worshipped in the form of symbols especially in the tantric school of thought.

Circle with a dot in the center and inverted triangle symbolizes fertility. The concept of fertility should not be narrowed down to sexual union of human beings only. It symbolizes regeneration, greenery and plentiful. This is the reason why Mother Goddess takes the form of Annapurana and Shakambari Mata. Annapurna is associated with food and Shakambari Mata is associated with vegetation.

Mother Goddess Shakti is the symbol of power and strength. The universe is sustained by her power. Even Shiva exists because of her.

The dot in the center of the circle symbolizes that it is she who creates, sustains and reabsorbs the world. Cycle of creation begins in that center, she then sustains and finally when the world has gone beyond repair due to the Adharmic activities of human beings, she sucks all that is in the world into her – which is symbolically represented by the hole.

The dot is symbol of the womb from which all animate and inanimate appear. They take birth in Mother Shakti and all forms return to it.

Yes, you are not wrong if you thought the circle with a dot in the center is the quite similar to the concept of black hole in modern science. But the knowledge we have about black hole is very limited. The concept in Hinduism regarding it is vast. Death and resurrection happen here. It not only just sucks things into it but it is also the source of energy that is behind creation and sustenance. It can explode creating countless beings. It is the only energy source which can sustain the countless beings. It is again the energy that will take back all that appeared from it.

The inverted triangle is a female symbol corresponding to the Yoni and it is Shakti. Similarly, the upward pointing triangle is the lingam and it is known as Vahni.

Hindu symbols have deep meaning attached to them. A dot in the middle of a circle captures the entire creation, sustenance and dissolution. Skeptics, non-believers and scholars wedded to communism only worshipped science and they had dismissed Hindu teachings as superstition. Sadly, media, universities and publishing was in their control for a long period after independence and they deliberately filled our mind with their propagandas. But today the same science is discovering dots in the vast universe that has energy enough to swallow the entire universe.

The reason why Hindu symbols are finding similarity with modern science is because the people who created the symbols were not religious fanatics or people who were wedded to a particular ideology. They were searching for truth. What they found out they shared with people who were interested in them. These people had no knowledge about religion and ‘isms.’ They did not create divisions through their writing and teachings. They were not selfish and competitive nor were these great souls after profit and followers. All they did was search the truth – the universal truth.