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Bija – Pinda – Samjna and Pada in Mantra in Hinduism

Bija, pinda, samjna and pada together form a complete mantra. They are four important parts of a mantra dedicated to a particular deity in Hinduism. Each of these parts is in itself effective as a mantra.

Among the four Bija is often used independently and thus we get to hear lot about Bija Mantra.

Any one of the four parts serves purpose of meditation.

Among four parts Bija invariably constitutes the essential part of  particular deity’s mantra.

Bija mantra is of a single word or syllable. The Beej mantras are chanted alone or along with a combination of words.

Of all beeja-mantras, the single-syllable Hayagriva beeja-mantra is the best. It is the king of mantras.