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Ladoo Gopal

Ladoo Gopal is the child form of Sri Krishna and is used for worshipping at homes. It is also widely used for worship during the Janmashtami celebrations. This form of Hindu God Krishna is also referred as lalo and natkhat Ladoo Gopal.

The Bhakti, or devotion, that is shown by a devotee while worshipping Ladoo Gopal is like that of taking care of a new born baby. Here Sri Krishna is the new born for the devotee and he/she showers unconditional love on Him, which takes the devotee to a state of mind which is beyond explanation.

A way of expressing devotion to Ladoo Gopal is by dressing him up with fine clothes. People find immense Ananda in dressing up and taking care of Gopal Krishna.

Connecting to the Supreme Truth by worshipping and performing puja for Ladoo Gopal has no parallel in the world. The Supreme Being incarnates as a Child for the devotee to express his love and devotion.