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Karwa Chauth Prayers and Songs in Hindi - Karva Chouth Mantra

Karwa Chauth prayers and songs are chanted by those women undertaking the Karva fast. The Karva Chouth song is sung while passing the Thali containing Baya during community puja by women. Another prayer is chanted after sighting the moon and before breaking the fast. This particular Song is sung women while passing thalis during community puja. Karwa Chauth Vrat Song This particular Song is sung women while passing thalis during community puja.

वीरा कुडिया करवाडा
सर्व सुहागन करवाडा
ए कटटी ना अटेरी ना
खुम्ब चरखा फेरी ना
गवन्डा पैर पायी ना
सूई च धागा पाई ना
रूठडा मनाई ना
सुताडा जगाई ना
बहन प्यारी वीरा
चन चढे ते पानी पीना
ले वीरा कुडीयो करवाडा
लै सर्व सुहागन करवाडा
Karva Chouth Vrat Prayer After Moonrise This Karva Chauth prayer is chanted while offering Ark to Moon God or Chandrama. The prayer is usually chanted after the moon rises and before breaking the fast.

सीर धडी,

पैर कड़ी
अकॅ देन्दी
सर्व सुहागन
चौबारे खड़ी

Overview of Diwali

Diwali, also known as Deepavali, is the most widely recognized Hindu festival and in 2017 it will be celebrated globally on October 19. In Tamil Nadu and South India, it will be on October 18. Below is an overview of Diwali festival with all important facts.

Diwali is a shortened version of the Sanskrit term ‘Deepavali’, which means ‘a row of lamps’.

Diwali is known as the ‘Festival of Lights’ - it refers to the rows of earthen lamps celebrants place around their homes.

Diwali light symbolizes the victory of knowledge over ignorance, and goodness over evil. It further represents an awareness of God in our lives.

The popular legend in Hinduism associated with Diwali marks the day when Lord Rama returned from a forced exile after defeating Ravana, the ultimate force of evil, in His time.

In South India, Diwali is also believed to be the day when Lord Krishna annihilated Demon Narakasura and restored Dharma.

In addition to Hindus, Sikhs celebrate Diwali in commemoration of the release o…

Annabhishekam in Shiva Temples is Tamil Nadu - Annabhishegam Ritual

Annabhishekam Ritual, or Annabhishegam Festival, is an important ritual held in Lord Shiva Temples in South India, especially in Tamil Nadu. Annabhishekam 2018 date is October 24. The ritual, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is performed for food security through prosperity of the farmland and increase in agricultural produce. It is usually performed after a harvest season and involves offering cooked rice to Lord Shiva.

The rice is cooked in the temple premises and then it is carried around the temple. Priests chant mantras and musical instruments like naadaswaram, drum and cymbal are sounded. The cooked rice is then used to cover the Shivling and it is referred as Anna Linga.

Various different types of rice preparations like pongal, curd rice, Shakara pongal, tamarind rice, sesame rice, payasam and other sweets from freshly harvested rice are prepared and offered to Lord Shiva on the day. The food is then shared by people and is also given to domesticated animals and birds.

The ritual is …

Soul to soul communication is silence – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Life is rich because feelings cannot be captured in words.
Soul to soul communication is silence.
When we transcend the feeling level, we become still. Stillness is at the peak of any experience – that is why the saying, “Be still…know your God”.
Meditation is seeing God within you, and love is seeing God in the person next to you.
The illusion in the mind that “the world is going to give me joy” keeps one hooked to the outside – but if you have absorbed moments of joy, you always go within.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar