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Story – Sage Bhrigu’s Curse on Agni

Sage Bhrigu’s curse on Agni narrates how Agni came to devour everything that is there on earth. Sage Bhrigu married Puloma who was  famous for beauty. Beauty of Puloma was also admired by a demon.

Puloma knew about the demon’s intention but she did not care about it.

Years went by and once the demon happened to see Puloma but he could not recognize her. He enquired to a sage standing nearby as to who the woman was? The sage was Agni in disguise.

When the demon understood it was puloma, he wanted to know where he can see and talk to her.

The sage replied that she can be seen and talked to only if Sage Bhrigu allows and for this you have to go to the ashram of Sage Bhrigu.

The old desire was reignited and the demon decided to kidnap Puloma.

Puloma was pregant at this time and when the demon tried to forcefully take her away, the child fell from her womb. The boundless light that appeared from the baby annhilated the demon.

Sage Bhrigu who realized that it was Agni who gave the demon the diretion to his Ashram cursed him that he will devour everything on earth – all bad and good.