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Sri Darpa Sayana Rama – About Sri Darpasayana Rama form of Bhagavan Sri Ram

Sri Darpana Sayana Rama is a unique form of Bhagavan Sri Ram. In Sri Darpanasayana Rama form, Bhagavan Sri Ram sleeps on a bed made of Darpan or kusha grass. He is waiting for Lord Varuna to appear and help him in crossing the ocean to reach Lanka and save Mata Sita.

Sri Ram had requested Lord Varuna to help him but he was yet to respond.

Sri Darpa Sayana Rama form of Ram is worshipped as a subsidiary deity at the famous Thirupullani Temple near Rameswaram.

In the shrine, we see Lakshmana in the form of Adi Shesha forming a bed for Sri Ram.