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Brahma Wife – Name of Wife of Brahma

Brahma is one among the Trimurtis in Hinduism. He performs the role of creation during the beginning of a cycle of creation. Many readers of the blog wanted to know who is the wife of Brahma. Goddess Saraswati is generally accepted as Brahma’s wife.

However, it must be noted here that Goddess Saraswati took the manifestation of Goddess Savitri to be the divine consort of Brahma.

But Goddess Savitri did not make it at the appointed time of a yajna and therefore Brahma took milkmaid. He passed her through the body of a cow and transformed her into Goddess Gayatri.

As per scriptures, Goddess Savitri later merged with Goddess Gayatri.

Depending on the scripture, you will come across the names Saraswati, Savitri and Gayatri as wife of Brahma.