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Why Yamuna River is also known as Kalindi?

Yamuna River is also known as Kalindi. It is stated in the Vishnu Purana that Yamuna cascaded down to earth from the heavens in response to the severe austerities performed by Saptarishis – the seven great sages. She flowed down from heaven to the summit of a mountain called Kalinda.

However, the Mountain Kalinda was too cold and inaccessible for people. Therefore, Yamuna prayed to her father Surya to make the place more pleasant so that people can visit her.

To help his daughter, Surya despatched a single ray that struck the massive rock at the base of the mountain to create a hot spring. Yamuna then appeared from here to satisfy her devotees.

Yamuna River is addressed as Kalindi River as she initially originated in the Mountain Kalinda.