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Periyapatna Temple - Masanikamma Temple at Periyapatna in Karnataka

Masanikamma Temple at Periyapatna in Karnataka is dedicated to Mother Goddess Shakti. She is worshipped here as Goddess Masanikamma. The temple attracts devotees from all regions in Karnataka and from neighboring Kerala and Tamil Nadu states. She is worshiped by devotees to get rid of evil. She is also a fertility deity.

Legend has it that a girl who worshiped a particular form of Mother Goddess was harassed by her family. Unable to tolerate the attitude of the family especially of her father, she jumped into a boiling limestone and got melted. The fishermen who saw the incident worshiped her. A voice in the heaven asked them to worship her as she will bring peace and prosperity. After a few days a murti (idol) appeared from the limestone and she was known as Urimasani. She later became Masanikamma.

Later on many kings of the region had the fortune of getting help from her in battles. She was thus worshipped before going into battles. The kings who became devotees of her built her temple at Periyapatna in Karnataka.

The main murti worshiped in the sanctum sanctorum that of Goddess Masanikamma is immovable. A separate utsva murti is used for festivals and rituals.

The most important festivals in the temple are the annual Rathostsava in February – March and the Navratri festival in September – October.

The shrine is open from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM for worship.

Periyapatna is located on Mysore-Mangalore highway at a distance of 70 km from Mysore.