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Name of Wife of Yamraj – Wife of Yama, the Hindu God of Death

Many readers wanted to know the name of wife of Yamraj, the Hindu God of death. There is no one opinion regarding the family of Yama. Various versions of his birth are given in various scriptures. The name of his wife is rarely mentioned.

Name of wife of Yamraj is Dhumorna this is one of the earliest references. This name is widely mentioned in most texts and scriptures.

Later Puranas mention Sushila, Vijaya and Hemamala as wives of Yama.

Please note here that Yami is the sister of Yama and should not be confused as his wife.

Yamraj also has a daughter named Sunita. Her story is found in the Padma Purana, you can read it here.

The stick carried by Yama is known as Kaladanda and no being can stop it.

Yama, the Hindu God of Death, is the son of  son of Vavasvan and Saranju or Surya and Sanjna (Samjana).