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Trinidad and Tobago Hindu Calendar 2015 in pdf – Based on Time in Trinidad and Tobago – Hindu Festival Dates in Trinidad in 2015

Trinidad and Tobago Hindu Calendar 2015 in pdf is presented by mypanchang. It contains all the important festivals, auspicious time etc as per Hindu Panchang 2015. The calendar is based on time in Trinidad and Tobago. It must be noted that the vrat, festival dates in India and Trinidad and Tobago might be different many times. So if you are residing in Trinidad and Tobago and are keen to follow the local time then the calendar will be of great help.
Please note that the calendar is purnimat – that is a Hindu month in this calendar starts after Purnima. This calendar is followed in North India.
But the festival and vrat dates are applicable in all regions.
Link – Trinidad and Tobago Hindu Calendar 2015 in pdf (please note that the calendar is written for Guyana but is applicable in all places in West Indies)

Putana and Krishna – Story of Demon Putana Attempting to Kill Baby Krishna

Demon Putana attempting to kill baby Krishna is one of the most famous incidents in the life of Bhagvan Sri Krishna on earth. The story happens after Kamsa is informed by Goddess Yogamaya that the eighth child of Devaki destined to kill him has all already appeared on earth.

Kamsa then recruits Demon Putana to kill all the newborn children in Mathura.
Putana gets on with her mission and reaches Gokul.
She goes to the house of Nanda Rai and Yashoda in the form of a Brahmin lady and convinces Mata Yashoda that her breast milk has the power to strengthen the baby.
Yashoda gives baby Krishna to her to breastfeed.
She sits down in a closed room and begins to feed Baby Krishna poisoned milk.
Bhagvan realizes that this is a demon in disguise and continues drinking the milk.
Krishna does not stop and the demon soon realized that Krishna was sucking life out of her.
Putana tries to remove baby Krishna.
But he clings to the breast and bites her hard. Immediately Putana transforms to her origi…

Old Durga Puja Songs to Be Digitized

Durga Puja songs as old as 100 year old are being digitized by The Weavers Studio Centre for the Arts.  IANS reports  One of the first Durga Puja albums, "Sharadabali", was released by The Gramophone Company of India in 1914. The company started the tradition of releasing special Sharadiya numbers sung by artists like Manodasundari Dasi, Narayan Chandra Mukherjee and K. Mullick.  The Weavers Studio Centre for the Arts here has taken the lead in digitising the originals (in analog format) and an expert on Bengali gramophone recordings, Susanta Kumar Chatterjee, will be contributing from his vast collection.  "No other format was prevalent in those days except for gramophone or vinyl records. The use of musical instruments a century ago and how artistes had to get it right in a few minutes of the recording process, all these need to be archived as they are vintage," Chatterjee, who has the 1914 "Sharadabali" in his possession, told IANS.