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Ishvara Gita

Ishvara Gita is a holy text which is part of the Kurma Purana. The text is associated with Moksha or liberation. In the text, Suta asks Sage Vyasa to share the knowledge which will help in attaining liberation.

Vyasa then describes the Ishvara Gita to the gathering of great saints. It is believed that Shiva explained the nature of Brahman and gave the knowledge of Moksha or liberation to sages Sanatkumara, Angiras, Bhrigu, Kanada, Kapila, Garga, Vamadeva and Vasishta. This was narrated by Vyasa to the gathering.

Legend has it that the sages led by Sanatkumara performed intense austerities. Vishnu appeared before them. They wanted to know the secret of the world – how things continually revolve, what is this world, and why was it created; what is the soul, what is final beatitude, and what is the real nature of Parabrahman.

Vishnu then directed them to Shiva who as Maheshwara narrated the secrets to the sages. These secrets are found in the Kurma Purana in the form of Ishvara Gita.

Bhakti or Devotion is given prime importance in the Ishvara Gita.