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Katya Vilambita Hand Posture of Venkateswara – The unusual left hand posture of Balaji

The left hand of Venkateswara is in the Katya Vilambita posture. The left lower hand of Balaji is straight down and is bend at the wrist towards right. This is the Katya Vilambita Hasta Mudra. The hand rests just below the left hip. This is posture is found in the main murti worshipped in the Tirumala Tirupati Venkateswara Temple.

Katya Vilambita Hasta Mudra…
Katya means formally expressing praise or pay homage,
Vilambita means hanging,
Hasta means hand,
and Mudra means posture…

The most popular symbolic meaning associated with the Katya Vilambita hand posture is that Venkateswara protects and bless his true devotees.

Another belief is that the hand assures the devotees that Balaji will let worldly problems go beyond a level.

The right lower hand is in the famous Varada Mudra – boon giving posture.