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Banyan Tree at Jyotisar Where the Bhagavad Gita Was Narrated To Get a New Lease of Life

Jyotisar is located near Kurukshetra in Haryana and it is believed that the Bhagavad Gita was narrated by Sri Krishna to Arjuna here. A Vat Vriksha, a banyan tree, believed to be more than 8000 years is worshipped here. The tree was not properly maintained. Now efforts are being made to give a new lease of life to the tree. 
Hindustan Times reports 
A team of experts from Dehradun-based Forest Research Institute (FRI) will visit Jyotisar in a fortnight to launch restoration programme for the tree. 
Experts have clarified that the preliminary investigations suggested that the ancient tree was not dying but suffocating due to unscientific methods being adopted for beautification. 
 They blame emphasis on superficial beautification and poor landscape planning for the deteriorating health of the holy banyan. The marble platform around the tree is doing the most harm. 
 FRI scientists said marble platform had hampered water-absorption capacity of the tree. Besides, prop roots, which grow from the branches to the ground and give the tree extra support, have no space to expand because of the marble structure.
 “The tree would get a new energy, if the marble platform is punctured scientifically to allow more air and water to its roots. Once the work begins, more options could be explored,” the scientist added. 
 Prop roots should be allowed to touch the ground for the natural growth of the banyan tree, for which deep holes may be made with protection grills around.