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Sri Ram Sings in Italian and Sita performs Odissi in this Ramayana Opera

Ramlila was recently performed as opera. In this Ramayana Opera, Sri Ram narrated his emotions in Italian and Mata Sita conveyed her emotions through Odissi dance movements. 
The Day After writes 
Lord Rama sang his feelings when he fell in love with Sita at first sight and attired in traditional dhoti-kurta, he narrated his emotions in Italian. Rama's wife, Sita, however does not explain her emotions through words but through expressive eyes and graceful postures in her Odissi dance. 
"I find Ramlila an evergreen subject. We never get bored of this subject but we wanted to present it in different way. Ramayana has never been done in opera. So I thought why not? Since I love Ramayana; I love challenges; I love innovation, so I thought of blending it," Bijoylaxmi Hota, who scripted the opera said. 
The fusion could be seen from the costumes and musicians' performances. The conductor of the opera was an Italian and his team of musicians included Italians, Indians and Hungarians too. 
Dances were performed to the rhythm of ghoomar, dance music, shehnai and Indian percussion instruments. "Originally when I wrote, I wrote it in English but I wanted it in Italian, the poems. So I wrote it in English and sent them. Then they translated it but even then they didn't like it; the composer did not like it. He thought it was not poetic enough. So he then got someone to do the proper lyrics and then it was composed in Italy itself," says Hota.