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Someday I will…

Someday I will do this and that. The someday list is long. It is the magic day when everything will automatically or magically fall in place and all wishes will be fulfilled. But will this someday ever come?

The truth is for many people the someday never comes because they never have the courage, money, time or energy to achieve all those things that they intent to achieve someday. So the someday is an imaginary place to dumb all their unfulfilled desires.

Someday I will…

It is true that not all items in the someday list can be fulfilled in a short period of time. But there are many that can be achieved if we make that extra effort. An honest view of the list will make us realize that many things can be achieved.

The unattainable goals should not make us self critical. The unattainable goals should not be the reason for laziness and lack of motivation. The unattainable goals should not block all those goals that we can score today and tomorrow.

If you want to visit a place …go do it now…take leave, pack up and visit the place…why wait for the someday when you will be free of all responsibilities…who knows you might have too little energy then or you will have even more responsibilities then…

The someday list should be a motivation list not a list of failure that constantly stares at us. The list should not be a list of deep regret and bitterness. We should also not blame someone else for not fulfilling the list.

Abhilash Rajendran