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Gandhamadana Mountain - The Abode Of Kubera

Gandhamadana Mountain is frequently mentioned in the Hindu scriptures, especially the Puranas. It is the abode of Kubera and Yakshas. The mountain gets its name from the fragrant and healing herbs that grow on it.

In the Mahabharata it is mentioned that on the slopes of Gandhamadana lives saints, siddhas and semi divine beings like Gandharvas, Apsaras, Kinnaras and Kim Purushas.

One legend has is that Hanuman brought a piece of the mountain to Rameswaram.

The palace of Kubera is located atop the mountain.

A beautiful description of the mountain is found in the Mahabharata.

Some scriptures give the suggestion that the mountain is located near Mount Kailash. Some scriptures especially the Puranas indicate the location to be in the present day Garhwal Himalayas.

Some scriptures suggest that River Mandakini and Alaknanda flow on its slopes.

The mountain is also found in the literary works of Kalidasa and Bana. In Kalidasa’s Vikramorvasiyam it is mentioned that Urvashi went to Gandhamadana Mountain and became a vasanti creeper. In Bana’s Kadambari, the mountain was one of the summits of Himalayas.