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Meditation is a state of awakened awareness

Meditation is a state of awakened awareness.

When all modifications, all fluctuations of the mind are gone – now that is, the state of meditation. Having thus transcended the mind, we are one with our real Self.

Mind functions at different levels and thoughts are propelled by mind due to habitual conditioning. We expect certain responses from people, situations and when they do not happen as desired, the mind gets disturbed. The agitations of the mind result in great turmoil and this turmoil, this unrest generates a myriad of thoughts. We pay great deal of attention to all sorts of self-centered activities, like the kind of clothes we wear, the fashion we follow, the car we drive, the membership of particular clubs, and so on. But what we fail to pay any attention to is something very important: How does our mind function?

How can just a thought bring upon pain, anguish, jealousy or joy? We ensure that our house is clean but we are least bothered about our cluttered mind. It is futile to clean the outside when your inside is soiled by numerous negativities. Thus, there is a dire need to connect to your inner Self, which is possible only through meditation.

Anandamurti Gurumaa