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Mahasweta – About Goddess Mahashveta

Goddess Mahasweta is a goddess worshipped in Hinduism. She is the deity who represents Mother Earth. The deity is widely worshipped in eastern parts of India.
In some regions in eastern parts of India, Mahasweta is Goddess Saraswati. She is also referred as Sarbashukla Mahasweta.
Mahasweta means brilliant white and symbolically refers to purity.
In some regions, Goddess Durga is also referred as Mahashveta.
It is also the name of a consort of Surya, the sun god.

Mahabharata Audio in Hindi in mp3 – Download Mahabharat Audio in Hindi for free

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On Liberation and Bhakti from the Ramayana

The three ways for Liberation are: Right action for union with The Supreme; Spiritual Knowledge for union with The Supreme Devotional love for union with the Supreme.
Bhakti has three different aspects according to one’s individual nature.
He who worships Me to bring harm to anyone or out of hypocrisy or envy, or is wrathful or harsh or is unkind to others, is drowned in the mode of darkness.
Situated in the mode of passion is the person who, thinking of Me (Bhagvan Sri Ram) as a distinct entity, worships Me through an image for some temporal benefit, or is after sensual pleasure or wants money or fame.
The person who works for God with the conviction that right actions ought to be performed and offered to the Lord, is a devotee in the mode of brightness.
Like the Ganga waters joining the sea and getting mixed with the sea waters, the constant immersion of one’s mental waves in Me (Bhagvan), the fountain of endless virtues, is the pure Bhakti Yoga.

(Source – Bhagvan Sri Ram in Conver…