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Significance of Purna Kumbha

Purna Kumbha is an essential part of worship in Hinduism. Today it is also used in Hindu weddings, temple functions and other occasions associated with Hindu religion. Purna Kumbha, literally means a ‘full vessel’ and symbolically it is a sign of plenty. It is also referred as Kalash or Kalasha. Reference of Purana Kumbha is found in the Skanda Purana and the Matsya Purana. In Skanda Purana it is mentioned that the ‘Purna Kumbha’ can be worshipped. Matsya Purana indicates that people placed it at their doors as a sign of plenty. Purna Kumbha mainly contains ‘water’ – the veritable life principle. Thus it is a direct worship of Varuna – the God of rain. He is the harbinger of rain which ensures fertility on earth and which nourishes animals and human beings. The earthen pot used as Purna Kumba is decorated with geometric designs and Swastika . The geometric design various from region to region and from community to community. Depending on the society and its w

Maharatha in War in Mahabharata – The Meaning of Maharathi

Maharatha, or Maharathi, is a term widely used to refer to a warrior in the Mahabharata, Ramayana and other ancient Hindu scriptures. The meaning of the term Maharathi is a might warrior. A Maharatha is skilled in the use of all weapons – bow and arrow, spear, mace, sword and other weapons. He is also highly proficient in fist handing and other hand to hand combats. Maharathi is also skilled in riding animals like horses and elephant. What makes a Maharatha different from other warriors is that he can take on ten thousand warriors single handedly. The main warriors in the side of Kauravas and Pandavas in the Kurukshetra war were all Maharathas.

World’s first Modern Eco Friendly Hindu Temple Opens in London

Shree Swaminarayan Mandir at Kingsbury in North London, with solar panels and rainwater harvesting system and many other eco-friendly measures, is believed to the first modern Hindu Temple to be completely eco friendly. The temple is noted for its traditional Hindu architecture but what makes it stand out from some of the modern Hindu temples built in Europe and United States is the green initiatives. The 20 million pound temple includes a multi-function hall with facilities for sports and receptions and was funded entirely by was funded entirely by Hindus. You can find more about the construction of this unique Hindu temple here at the official website.