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Story of Lakshman Going through Trial of Fire in the Ramayana of Baiga Tribe of Central India

There is a unique story in the Ramayana of Baiga Tribe of Central India. In the story Lakshman goes through trial of fire to prove his fidelity. Lakshman was leading a life of Brahmachari during the exile period in the Ramayana.

During the exile in the forest, Lakshman used to play the Kingri musical instrument. He played it so beautifully that Apsara Indrakamini of heaven was attracted to Lakshman.

She tried to induce him into love making. But all her efforts failed. The apsara was jealous and angry. To avenge her insult, one night when Lakshman was fast asleep she broke her bangles and scattered it on his bed. She also left an earring of her on the bed.

Next day morning when Mata Sita came to sweep the room, she discovered the bangles and earring. She reported the matter to Sri Ram.

Lakshman was unable to convince his brother and Mata Sita that he was innocent.

An angry Lakshman then decided to take the trial of fire to prove his fidelity. He jumped into a huge fire pit and came out unscathed. Thus proving his fidelity and love for his wife Urmila.

Note – There are a number of versions of this story. In one Sri Ram attempts to find out whose bangle and earring it is. So he summons all the women in the forest were they are staying. But the broken bangles and earrings does not belong to anyone. Then the forest women think it should be of Sita. It is here Lakshman gets angry and takes trial of fire.

Note 1 – In another version Lakshman is dejected that his brother did not trust and him asks Mother Earth to take him back. Mother Earth opens up and Lakshman jumps into it.

Note 2 - The above story is not part of Valmiki Ramayana. It is part of the Baiga Tribe Ramayana.