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Story Of The Birth Of Nandi – The Bull Of Shiva

Nandi is the bull associated with Shiva. The story of the birth of Nandi begins with Sage Shilada doing intense penance to be blessed with a child. He offered the prayers to Indra, the king of Devas.

When Indra appeared before him, Sage Shilada prayed for a son who would be immortal. But Indra was incapable of granting such a boon and so he asked the sage to pray to Shiva.

Sage Shilada performed intense penance for several years. The tapas was so intense that he was reduced to a bony figure.

Finally Shiva appeared and gave the boon that He Himself will appear as his son. To get the son, He asked the sage to perform a yajna.

The sage performed the yajna and at the end of it a child appeared from the fire.

As the child brought joy and happiness to everyone, he was called Nandi.

The sage took the child to his hermitage. But the child did not show any signs of his divinity. He moved around like an ordinary child.

One day Mitra and Varuna, Vedic gods, visited the ashram and told the sage that the child will not live beyond the age of eight years.

The sage was saddened but Nandi who came to know about his fate offered prayers to Shiva.

Shiva appeared before Sage Shilada and Nandi and told that the child is immortal as he will be always staying near him. Shiva took off his necklace and gave it to the child.

As soon as the child wore the necklace, Nandi assumed his divine bull form. He became one of important Ganas. Nandi is thus always present where there is the presence of Shiva.