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Baleshwar Mahadev Mandir – Baleshwar Shiva Temple at Champawat in Uttarakhand

Baleshwar Temple at Champawat in Uttarakhand is dedicated to Mahadev Shiva. The mandir is unique as the architecture is similar to temples in west and southern part of India. The group of temples at Baleshwar is dedicated to Shiva, Ratneshwar, Bali and Sugriv. The temple is located around 75 km from Pithoragarh.

The main temple is dedicated to Shiva as Baleshwar. Black granite Shivling with a small five-hooded naga forming canopy is worshipped in the main shrine.

The main temple was constructed by the Chand dynasty during the 14th century.

The main attraction of the temple is its architecture. Magnificent stone carvings of gods, goddesses, demons, apsaras, elephants, peacocks, horses, lions and other beings from Hindu scriptures make the temple unique in the region. The sculptures have striking similarity to Solanki – Vaghela architecture of Gujarat.

The temple is also noted for erotic sculptures on its outer walls.

Many of the small shrines in the complex have lost outer structures. There are just carved pillars and the Shivling.

The most important festival in the shrine is the Mahashivratri.