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Should We Trust Our Inner Voice? - Thoughts on Intuition by Hindu Blog

Many a times we were able to overcome an ugly situation by listening to our inner voice. We should always trust our intuition. Our inner voice will always be correct if we are honest and not prejudiced. It will be the best guiding force, if our mind is not corrupted by unwanted desires, anger, jealousy and greediness.

One aspect to be kept in mind is that we should not confuse between wishful desires and intuition.

Inner voice is a message from the supreme truth. But to receive it we need to achieve a state of mind. This state of mind can be achieved only by following the path of Dharma.

We need to develop a pure heart by removing the dust of ignorance. The deep dust of ignorance is hampering the reception.

It must also be remembered that the result of listening to the inner voice might not always be positive. So you need to be prepared to accept the decision of the Supreme Truth whole heartedly.

Through practice we can make intuition a constant companion. It will be a great friend on our path to self realization and liberation.

Hindu Blog
Abhilash Rajendran