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Story Of Balaram And Kandarasura

Balaram and Kandarasura story is associated with the Kendrapara region in Orissa. The famous Baladeva Jeu Temple here is associated with the story. Legend has it that demon Kandarasura ruled over the Lalitgiri and Assia mountain ranges in the Kendrapara region in Orissa.

As per Tulasi Kshetra Mahatmya, the demon troubled all living beings. There was no respite for human beings from the tyranny of the demon. Finally, Balabhadra defeated him.

But the demon escaped and started living in disguise in the Kapilas Mountain near Dhenkanal. Balarama searched the mountain and finally ploughed the mountain using his Hala or plough.

Finally the demon was discovered and killed. His slain body was thrown around the region.

Shiva temples were erected in the spot where the body parts of the demon fell.

Thus it is believed that the where the trunk of Kandarasura had fallen is called Kandara Padi and which is today known as Kendrapara.

Balabhadra married Tulasi, the only daughter of Kandarasura, on the 12th day of the bright fortnight of Magh Month. This event is an important festival at the Baladevjew Temple at Kendrapara and is known as Tulasi Bibaha day (marriage day of Tulasi). The place where this marriage was performed is today known as Tulasi Kshetra.