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Shiva Mandir at Daltonganj – Shiva Temple at Daltonganj in Jharkhand

Shiva Mandir at Daltonganj is located on the banks of Koer River and Shiva is worshipped in the temple in the form of a Swayambhu Shivling. This Shiva Temple is more than 200 years old and was established by Colonel Edward Tunite Dalton, an anthropologist and district magistrate of Chhota Nagpur during the British Rule in India.

The main Shivling worshipped in the temple is flanked by two other Shivlings – one black in color and another white in color. Murti of Goddess Parvti is seated facing the Shivlings. Ganesha murti is also found in the sanctum sanctorum.

Hanuman, Nandi and Durga as Ashtabhuja Devi is also worshiped in the temple.

Animal sacrifice is still practiced in the temple.

Shivratri, Ram Navami, and Dasara are the important festivals in the temple. Shravan month and the Jhulan mela during the period attract thousands of devotees.