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Story of the fight between Krishna and King Salva of Saubha

King Salva of Saubha was a friend of Shishupala – who was to marry Rukmini. Salva was also present at the Rukmini Swayamvara where he faced embarrassment when Rukmini ran away with Krishna and he and other warriors were defeated by Balarama.

King Salva had then taken the wow to defeat Sri Krishna and Balarama and get the world rid of the Yadavas.

In order to accomplish his mission, he did intense penance to please Shiva. He was able to please Shiva who gave him an aerial vehicle called Saubha. The vehicle was big as a palace and it could become invisible.

When he heard about the beading of Shishupala by Sri Krishna, he thought this as the right opportunity to attack the Yadavas.

Sri Krishna and Balarama were away at Indraprastha and Dwaraka was guarded by Sri Krishna’s son Pradyumna.

King Salva attacked Dwaraka from the Saubha and caused havoc. Pradyumna and other sons of Krishna defended the city for 27 days. Finally, Salva mortally wounded Pradyumna who was removed to safety by his charioteer.

Sri Krishna and Balarama who heard about the news of attack on Dwaraka departed from Indraprastha and arrived at the battlefield.

King Salva from his Saubha unleashed flashes of lightning, hailstones, dust and cyclones. Numerous unimaginable weapons were used to attack Sri Krishna. But the Lord thwarted all the weapons.

Soon Salva indulged in trickery. He made a figure of Vasudeva, father of Sri Krishna. He then took the figure to the battlefield and cut off its head. Sri Krishna was taken aback for a split of a second. But soon realized the trickery and attacked the aerial vehicle Saubha.

He soon killed Salva and destroyed the Saubha.