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Tanginath Dham – Tanginath Mandir at Gumla in Jharkhand – Tanginath Shiva Temple

Tanginath Dham is a very popular and powerful temple dedicated to Shiva at Gumla in Jharkhand. As per local belief, the original Tanginath Mandir was constructed by Shiva Himself. A trident and Shivling are worshipped in the main temple. The temple complex is strewn with numerous murtis and temple artifacts.

Tanginath Shiva Temple is located atop a hill and is around 50 km from Gumla.

Shiva is worshipped here as Tanginath because local legend has it that Shiva installed his trident here. He then took the form of a common man and roamed around with a spade – tangi in local language.

A legend has that Tanginath Baba was challenged by a local king to build a temple overnight. Baba started the construction of the temple and was about to complete it before sunrise. But the king, who was a magician, turned into to a cock and gave the morning call.

Baba thought it was morning and as he could not complete the temple, He pushed it down with his foot. When Shiva realized that he was cheated, he threw his Tangi at the king and killed him.

The tangi can be found at Deepadih Kusmi around 20 km from Tanginath Dham.

The temple complex has more than 108 Shivlings and murtis of Saptamatrikas. The entire temple complex is strewn with murtis of gods and goddesses.

A major attraction is a five feet long Trishul or trident. This ancient trident has not rusted even after long years.