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Radha Vallabha Temple in Vrindavan

Radha Vallabha Temple in Vrindavan was built by Harivamsa Goswami, who had founded the Radha Vallabha sect. This temple is unique as there is no murti of Radha in the temple. She is worshipped in the form of a crown. The Radha Vallabha Temple is located near the famous Banke Bihari Temple in Vrindavan.

Like many other temples in Vrindavan, the Radha Vallabha Temple too was destroyed by Aurangzeb in 1670. The present temple was constructed in 1972 near the destroyed temple.

A black murti of Sri Krishna is worshipped in the temple. The crown of Radha is kept near the murti of Sri Krishna. All prayers are first offered to Radha Rani.

The temple has a huge courtyard. One can find the Samadhi of Harivamsa Goswami here.

Devotees here can pull a huge rope which is connected to a fan inside the main altar. Devotees stand in queue to fan the murti of Sri Krishna.