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Saranathan – About the Saranathan manifestation of Vishnu

Saranathan form of Srihari Vishnu is worshipped in one of the Divya Desham Temples. The murti of Saranathan is in standing posture and faces East. The important temple associated with this manifestation of Vishnu is at Tirucherai near Kudavasal in Tiruvarur District. The temple is known as Tirucherai Saranathan Temple
Legend has it that when it was time for one Yuga to end, Brahma asked to Vishnu to suggest a place to hide the Vedas. Bhagvan Vishnu asked Brahma to make a strong pot and put the Vedas inside it. Brahma tried to make a strong pot using clay taken from various locations but the pot was not strong. Finally, the pot made using clay taken from Tirucherai was very strong. The Vedas were placed in the pot. As the place provided the clay to make the pot to overcome the Mahapralaya the place was known as Sarakshetram.
Saranatha is also one of the forms of Vishnu who is present will all his consorts - Sridevi, Bhoodevi, Neeladevi, Mahalakshmi and Saranayaki.
It is also believed …

Proposed Vrindavan Chandrodaya Temple – When Completed Will Be the Tallest Temple in India and the World

VrindavanChandrodayaTemple – when completed will be 700 feet tall and will be the tallest temple in India and in the world. In fact it will be tallest religious structure in the world. The proposed temple will  include a theme park on Krishna Lila, restaurants serving dishes from ancient KrishnaTemples, and much more. The foundation stone laying ceremony of the 70-storey Vrindavan Chandrodaya temple in Mathura District in Uttar Pradesh in India will be done on March 16, 2014. Hindustan Times reports
"When constructed it will be the tallest temple of India and one of the tallest in the world. The iconic architecture will harmoniously blend elements of both Indian temple architecture and modern architecture," said vice-president, ISKCON, Bangalore and president of the Vrindavan project Chanchalapathi Dasa.  The project, which has been conceived by Madhu Pandit Dasa, president of ISKCON, Bangalore, will feature a grand temple of Lord Krishna. A look-alike of the verdant forests …

Brahman is pure and is the light of lights – Mundaka Upanishad

This one indeed is Prana that shines variously through all beings. Knowing this the wise one has no more the need to go beyond anything in talk. Disporting in the Self, delighting in the Self, engrossed in (spiritual) effort, this one is the chief among the knowers of Brahman.  (Mundaka Upanishad, 3.1.4)
The Atman cannot be realized by a weakling. (3.2.4)
‘That’ is indeed that we can become ‘That’ (3.2.9)        
Brahman is pure and is the light of lights. (2.2.9)
There the sun does not shine, neither do the moon and the stars; nor do these flashes of  lightning shine; how can this fire? Tat shining, all these shine;  through  its  luster all  these are variously illumined. (2.2.10)