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Rare Vishnu Murti in Single Stone at Purushottamar Temple in Ambasamudram in Tamil Nadu

A rare Vishnu murti in single stone is found at the Purushottamar Temple in Ambasamudram in Tamil Nadu. The single stone murti includes Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi, Garuda and Adi Sesha. The murti has eight arms and is in sitting posture. Right leg of Vishnu is placed on the right shoulder of Garuda.  Adisesha forms a canopy.

But sadly the Purushottamar Temple is in a dilapidated condition and seeking attention from devotees.
The Hindu reports 

The style of the necklace carving seen on Purushottamar’s chest indicates that this temple could be at least 1,200 years old. 
Another special feature is the three-tier Indira Vimana with Dasavathara carvings on the first, sculptures of Indira, Rudra, Brahmma and Hayagriva on the second and Kalasam on the third.
Legend has it that a rishi used to walk a long distance to bring water for the Lord. One day, when the rishi fell ill and could not travel, Lord Purushottamar is believed to have created the Pongi Karai Theertham, South West of the temple.