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Devotion to One Ideal Need Not Mean Hatred of Others

Devotion to one ideal need not mean hatred of others. In fact, that will be sheer fanaticism, which is not even remotely related to real devotion. A true devotee steers clear of this evil and, by his true devotion and acceptance of all faiths as true, stands out from a subscriber to a creed or a believer in a faith.

A devotee does not nurse grievances against anyone. He tries to cultivate forbearance.

A devotee is not afflicted by others, nor is he a source of affliction to others. The Gita uses the word udvega, which means affliction, disturbance or perturbation. Learning to offer his pleasure and pain to the object of his love, God, a devotee is not unduly perturbed in any situation. Again, since he does not take sides in an issue, having no axe to grind himself, he is never a cause of perturbation in others. Of course, if some people do not understand him he does not lose his sleepover it. Instead of trying to be good and pleasing to everyone, he tries to keep his mind on God.

Source - Prabhudha Bharata Editorial December 2013 – page 13 -14