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Brishabhadwajeshwar Shiva – Story Brishabhadwajeshwar Mahadeva Shivling

Brishabhadwajeshwar Shiva is worshipped at Kapildhara in Varanasi. The story of Brishabhadwajeshwar Mahadeva Shivling is associated with Shiva visiting the Ashram for Sage Kapil Muni.

Legend has it that Shiva once visited Kapila Muni in his ashram at Kapildhara in Varanasi. The rishi had a beautiful cow. Kapila Muni and the cow was pleased and honored with the arrival of Shiva. Out of devotion, the cow started shedding milk and Kapil Muni bathed Shiva in the milk.

The milk accumulated in an area and it became a pond. The pond is known as
Kapildhara Khund.

After being bathed in milk and worshipped, Shiva rode on a bull and returned to Kashi. As he rode on a bull after the holy incident, he was given the name Brishabhadwajeshwar Shiva. The Shivling that is worshipped in Kapildhara is in memory of this incident.