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Huge Functional Sculpture of Jatayu from Ramayana to come up on Jatayupara near Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala

Jatayupara is a cluster of rocks located near Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. It is believed that the huge bird Jatayu fought with Ravana on this rocks and fell down while attempting to rescue Mata Sita. Now a 61-metre-long, 46-metre wide and 15-metre tall functional sculpture of Jatayu is planned on the Jatayupara. When completed it will one of the biggest functional sculpture in Asia.

Jatayupara is located around 50 km from Thiruvananthapuram on the Trivandrum – Kottarakkara Road.
The Hindu reports 
3d model of the Jatayu Sculpture
 According to lore, Jatayu tried to stop Ravana aboard flying chariot Pushpak Viman with Sita in tow. But when Ravana cut down Jatayu’s wing, the bird collapsed beak down first on top of what is now called Jatayupara . The impact created a small crater on top of the sun-battered and wind-swept rock from which water sprang. Jatayupara also bears the markings of what are believed to be the feet of Lord Ram, who is said to have come here looking for Sita. 
The 61-metre-long, 46-metre wide and 15-metre tall ‘functional’ sculpture depicts the bird lying on its back with a broken wing and raised head. One side opens into a built-up area across three levels featuring a museum, a 6-D theatre and observation balconies, among others. Inside, visitors can have a world view from the perch provided by the massive eyes of the sculpture which open out to the horizons.
One eye will feature a telescopic camera that pans to provide 360 degree-angle visuals projected in turn onto a screen. The museum will greet visitors with a stud earphone and a handset. The handset activates sensors on walls to show tales from the Ramayana in shadow puppetry medium as the visitor walks the course.
The 6D theatre will run animated film projections of the epic fight between Jatayu and Ravana. The modern projection techniques will be supported by matching acoustics and motion control movie chairs.