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Book – Bol Bam Approaches to Shiva

The book titled “Bol Bam Approaches to Shiva” written by Scharada Dubey is a book based on journey to temples and sacred places associated with God Shiva. This is not the usual travel book. The book is an amalgamation of author’s personal experience during the journey; her doubts, disbeliefs, dislikes; conversations with devotees and locals.

The book is a good read if you are a true believer of Sanatana Dharma – it gives opportunity to understand more about Shiva. Understanding Shiva is understanding Truth. But if you are a believer of Hinduism, which is being moulded in the present day like monolithic religions, then some observations might be sacrilegious.

There are six chapters in book – journey to different abodes of Shiva.

We do not need to agree to all her observations. But each observation helps us in  understanding Shiva more. The book also helps us in remembering numerous stories of Shiva. But author’s imagination (fantasy) as to what Goddess Parvati or Shiva might have done or thought or felt etc should not take a reader’s focus from the more serious discussions and thoughts.

Bol Bam: Approaches to Shiva
By Scharada Dube
Published by Tranquebar Press
Price – 350
There is also an e-book edition of the book.