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Anybody Can Have a Mystical Experience – Swami Ranganathananda

When we speak about mystical experience, we have an idea about something far away, meant for an ascetic somewhere. This is absolutely wrong! Anybody, from any walk of life, can have a mystical experience because the profound philosophy of Vedanta tells us that the divine spark is in every one of us. We can come in touch with it, manifest it, and in the light of that truth we can deal with other people in a happy way. Therefore a mystical experience must walk hand-in hand with work and with the human relationships we establish. Swami Vivekananda calls this practical Vedanta.

What was the privilege of a few in the past will become the privilege of everyone in society when people understand it correctly. This is the truth, but unfortunately we neglect it. In the future we should put a stop to this sort of carelessness.

When I work in society, I can work from my ego and create friction with others, or I can manifest a little of my divine nature and feel oneness with others. The capacity for teamwork develops there. This is real mystical growth and development and the type of human development we need.

In the Gita there is a very precious word: rajarshi—raja and rishi in one. In all walks of life we find men of responsibility and authority. But can they be spiritual at the same time? If they manifest the divine within, they will become a rajarshi. When your hands wield power, you’re a raja. When your hands wield power for the good of all, you become a rishi. This combination is what we need to instil in our administration, our management and all aspects of our human relations.

Swami Ranganathananda
Source - The Mind of the Guru