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Hindu Bible Quotes And Teachings

Here are a few quotes and teachings from Hindu Bible which is known as the Bhagavad Gita:

When a man thinks of objects, ‘attachment’ for them arises; from attachment ‘desire’ is born; from desire arises ‘anger’ (Chapter II, 62)

From anger comes delusion; from delusion ‘loss of memory’; from loss of memory the destruction of discrimination; from destruction of discrimination, he perishes.(Chapter II, 63)

Those who are free from pride and delusion.
Those who have conquered the evil attachments of this world.
Those whose desires and cravings have disappeared.
Those who are no longer bound by the pairs called pleasure and pain.
Those who abide perpetually in the Atman,
Reach that Eternal State which is changeless.
That state which the enlightened enter is My Supreme
Infinite Being, which is illuminated with Self-consciousness,
And not by the light of the sun, moon or fire.
Thus once he attains Me, there is no return. (Chapter XV, 5-6)

Sacrifice which involves knowledge of Brahman is superior to sacrifice which is ritualistic and only involves material offerings. In knowledge or enlightenment one finds the reward of all actions. (Chapter IV, verse 33)

Bhagavad Gita advocates moderation as the key to experiencing the bliss of the Self (Atman). Lord Krishna taught Arjuna, “This Yoga is neither for him who overeats, nor for him who observes a complete fast; it is neither for him who is given to too much sleep, nor even for him who is ceaselessly awake. Yoga, which rids one of woe, is accomplished only by him who is regulated in performing actions, and regulated in sleep and wakefulness.” (Br. Gagan Chaitanya)