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Siva Mooligai Trust of Thiruvengadu in Tamil Nadu Planting Rare Herbs Used by Ancient Siddhars

Siddha texts of Siddhars in South India are store house of traditional medicines. We are slowly losing this knowledge thanks to lack of interest is our traditional cures and medicines. People associated with Siva Mooligai Trust of Thiruvengadu in Tamil Nadu are attempting to revive the medicine of Siddhars by identifying various herbs and medicinal plants.
The Hindu reports
Kalyanaraman of Siva Mooligai Trust of Thiruvengadu, has been trekking up hills in search of medicinal plants.

“Kanchi Paramacharya’s brother, Sivan sir, had studied Siddha texts and with his guidance I was able to identify many herbal plants, which we now grow in Thiruvengadu,” he said.

The yellow flower of the Palvalipoondu, when squeezed against an aching tooth, relieves pain; Sarkkarai vilvam helps relieve stomach cramps; Sarkkaraikkolli is good for diabetics.

Despite the fact that many of these plants grow in the hills, Kalyanaraman has successfully grown them in the plains. He said many of them could be grown in pots in apartments. (Phone: 9788181555).

…rare herbs used by ancient Siddhars in the treatment of various ailments and rudrakshas at his Siva Mooligai Trust. 
Also on display for the first time are four ‘sanjeevi’ leaves: Amirtha, Raja, Narayana and Mridanga. While ‘Raja sanjeevi’ can cure cancer, ‘Narayana’ is effective in the treatment of heart conditions, he said. “We collect the herbs from Podhigai, Chandragiri and Kolli hills.”