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The Sixteen Sanskars in Hinduism in Hindi with meaning in English

There are sixteen sanskars in Hinduism. They are the important functions during a life time of Hindus. The sixteen sanskars are given in Hindi with their meaning in English:

  1. Grabhadhan: Conception,
  2. Punsavana: Fetus protection,
  3. Simanta: Satisfying wishes of the pregnant Mother,
  4. Jaat-Karma: Child Birth,
  5. Naam Karma: Naming Child,
  6. Nishkramana: Taking the child outdoors,
  7. Annaprashana: Giving the child solid food,
  8. Mundan or Choula: Hair cutting,
  9. Karna Vedh: Ear piercing,
  10. Yagyopaveet: Sacred thread,
  11. Vedarambh: Study of Vedas and Scriptures,
  12. Samaavartana: Completing education,
  13. Vivaah: Marriage,
  14. Sarvasanskaar: Preparing for Renouncing,
  15. Sanyas (Awasthadhyan): Renouncing,
  16. Antyeshti: Last rite, or funeral rites.