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Matunga Temple – Marubai Gavdevi Temple

Marubai Gavdevi Temple located at Matunga in Mumbai is a 400-year-old shrine dedicated to Mother Goddess Shakti. The goddess worshipped here is known as Goddess Marubai. She is a combined manifestation of Goddess Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati.

Legend has it that the original murti of the Goddess Worshipped in temple appeared under a neem tree during the 18th century. The local villagers worshipped the deity and therefore the temple got the name Marubai Gavdevi.

The local villagers who used to worship the deity believed that she had the capacity to heal people. That's why she is called Marubai, because she saves people from various illnesses. It is said that during epidemics people drank the water used for abhishekam in the temple and used to get cured.

Navratri is the most important festival observed in the temple.

Daily morning routine includes Aarti and Abhisheks. Bhajans are organized during the afternoon. Daily evening aarti also attracts thousands of devotees.

Chandi Havan on full moon day is a special ritual performed in the temple.

Apart from the Sharada Navrati, the temple also observes Shakambhari Navratri and Chaitra Navratas.