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Sri Ramakrishna on Three Kinds of Love

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa explains the three kinds of love among human beings.

There are other kinds of love: sadharani, samanjasa, and samartha. In the first, which is ordinary love, the lover seeks his own happiness; he doesn’t care whether the other person is happy or not. That was Chandravali’s attitude toward Krishna.

In the second, which is a compromise, both seek each other’s happiness. This is a noble kind of love. But the third is the highest of all.

Such a lover says to his beloved, ‘Be happy yourself, whatever may happen to me.’ Radha had this highest love. She was happy in Krishna’s happiness.

More On The Three Kinds Of Love

The three kinds of love described—sadharani, samanjasa, and samartha—offer insights into different levels of emotional connection and selflessness within relationships.

Sadharani Love (Ordinary Love): This is the most basic form of love, where the lover primarily seeks their own happiness without much consideration for the well-being of the other person. It's characterized by a self-centered focus on personal satisfaction and fulfillment, often disregarding the happiness of the partner.

Samanjasa Love (Compromise Love): In this type of love, there is a mutual understanding and effort to prioritize each other's happiness. Both partners strive to ensure the well-being and contentment of one another, making compromises and adjustments for the sake of the relationship. It's a noble form of love that acknowledges the importance of mutual happiness and harmony.

Samartha Love (Highest Love): Samartha love represents the pinnacle of selflessness and devotion in a relationship. In this highest form of love, the lover transcends personal desires and ego, focusing entirely on the happiness and well-being of the beloved. There is an unconditional commitment to the other person's happiness, even at the expense of one's own. This level of love is rare and profound, embodying the ultimate sacrifice and dedication to the beloved.

Radha, often cited in Hindu scriptures as the epitome of love and devotion, exemplifies this highest form of love. Her love for Krishna is characterized by complete selflessness, where she finds joy and fulfillment solely in Krishna's happiness, irrespective of her own circumstances or desires. Radha's love symbolizes the purest form of devotion, transcending worldly attachments and egoistic motives.

Understanding these different levels of love provides valuable insights into the complexities of human relationships and the potential for profound emotional growth and fulfillment through selfless love and devotion.