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On Hindu Temples Destroyed by Mughal Ruler Aurangazeb

The religious intolerance practiced by Mughal Ruler Aurangazeb is well known. The number of Hindu temples destroyed during his ruler is yet to be ascertained as the left historians who dominated the universities after independence and who also had a free hand in deciding the history of Hindustan conveniently tried to destroy all documents that could have helped in determining the atrocities committed by the Mughal rulers on the Hindus in Hindustan.

Truth can be hidden for a small period of time but cannot be destroyed. Truth will come out one day. Slowly many Indian newspapers and magazines are attempting to unravel to what happened to Hindus during the rule of Mughal rulers like Aurangazeb.
The New Indian Express writes 
Aurangzeb, like his predecessors, was determined to reinforce and expand the might of the Mughal Empire to the farthest corners of Hindustan. His principal obsession was to live his life true to the guiding principles of the Sharia. But his ability to successfully abide by the Sharia did not suffice. He was determined to make every Muslim of Hindustan live their life that way. As for the other hapless inhabitants of the country, they would be penalised unless they chose to embrace Islam. Thus began the intimidation and harassment of other religions that terminated only after the tyrant’s death. 
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