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3D printed Durga Murti (Idol) to be the Main Murti during Durga Puja Festival

The Durga Puja festival in 2014 in Kolkata will be unique as for the first time 3D printed Durga Murti (Idol) will be used as the main murti during the festival. Goddess Durga and her family will be created using the 3D printing technology on paper.

The Jodhpur Park puja committee is South Kolakata will be installing the 3D model of Goddess Durga. The 3D printed murti stands tall at 8.5 inches and 14 inches wide.
Business Standard reports 
As 3D printing diversifies across the world in fields of medical science, films, art, aerospace, architecture and design and even in organ regeneration, a Durga puja committee in south Kolkata has paved the way for introduction of hi-tech features in sculpting idols instead of the traditional, manually-crafted process using clay. 
"We have digitally created a Durga idol, designed by sculpting apps and using 3D printer, which uses standard office stationery (A4 size paper) to make the models from the design.
"So you may say that this is a computer-aided design (CAD)-computer aided manufacturing (CAM) process," Ujjal Mitra, director of Printz Worldwide, the brainchild of the project, told IANS. 
It is pegged to be the world's such idol, "as far as making of a Durga idol is concerned", he said.