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Kapaleshwar Temple in Nashik Asks Devotees Not To Pour Milk on the Shivling

The management of Kapaleshwar Temple in Nashik in Maharashtra has asked devotees not to pour milk on the Shivling in the temple as it is polluting the Godavari River. Kapaleshwar temple, located on the banks of Godavari river, is one of the oldest temples in Nashik.
Times of India reports
According to the temple management, at least 3,000 people pour milk over the shivling at the temple every day. Flower sellers at the entrance and near the steps of the temple also sell milk and other articles required for the 'puja'. Each packet sold for Rs 10 has about 250 ml of milk, which means that nearly 750 litre milk is poured on the shivlings - one inside the temple and others around the temple premises.
The temple management said that they have created a channel so that the milk poured on the shivling inside the temple is ultimately released into the river. But the milk poured on the shivlings around the premises flows over the steps and comes under the feet of devotees. 
The trust's initial idea was to donate the milk to the poor. However, there was no guarantee about the quality of the milk being sold at the entrance. Later, it was decided to feed the milk to animals, but the quality of the milk remained a worry. The trust is finally toying with the idea of giving it to some organization, which would make the appropriate use of the milk. 
Trustee Bhausaheb Gambhire said, "The 'abhishek' of milk is performed on the shivling so that the milk is consumed as 'tirth'. However, a large amount of milk is offered and there are not many takers for the 'tirth'. Hence, we have to release it into the river. We have made a special pipeline for the same."