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Hindu Fasting Is Turning Into Feasting

Fasting food or Hindu Vrat recipes are in great demand especially during Hindu fasting dates like Ekadasi, Sankashti, Pradosh, Navratri etc. Oil fried Sabudana Vada, Ekadasi potato, varan bath…there is no end to the list. So Hindu fasting is slowly turning into feasting.

Ekadasi fasting which is observed on the 11th day of a fortnight is not meant to please Vishnu. It is meant to cleanse your body and mind. Avoiding all types of grains on the day means you are doing away with lot of carbohydrate. This once in a fortnight fasting gives the opportunity to throw out all toxins from the body.

The day before fasting in Hinduism one is supposed to eat moderately. After the fasting too one is supposed to eat moderately. This is to help the body to adjust and regulate.

Fasting is also an opportunity to remain silent. A day to reflect on one’s thoughts and feelings. It is also a day to stop all sorts of negative talking and gossiping.

Fasting also provides an opportunity to abstain from extravagance, arrogance, vulgarity, infidelity and immodesty.

Self control and positive thoughts can be developed through fasting.

But all this is possible only if you are fasting. Today for many people Vrat date is when you can make lot of delicacies – especially oil based food. There are websites and books that provide vrat food – fasting food. We have created a new oxymoron – Vrat Khana – Fasting food.

Abhilash Rajendran