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About God Bhaga – Vedic Deity Bhaga

Bhaga is a Vedic deity mentioned in the Rig Veda and is one of the Adityas. He is associated with Surya, the sun god. Bhaga is the God of the forenoon. Usha or dawn is mentioned as his sister.

Bhaga means patron, gracious god or dispenser.

It is believed that he distributed wealth. He also presides over matrimony and love.

He is prayed for wealth and for blessings in all ventures. He also bestows high status.

In the Mahabharata, Bhaga is one among the Devas or demi gods and is a member of Indra’s court.

In Puranas, he is also named as one of the Rudras.

It must be noted here that there is also deity named Bhaga in Zoroastrianism. 

The name is mentioned in the Bala Kanda Chapter 1 (71) of Ramayana in association with the marriages of Rama and Sita and that of the brothers of Rama. Here Bhaga is considered as the deity of marital bliss and prosperity.