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Vrishchika Masam 2017 – Vrishchikam Month in Kerala in 2017

Vrishchikam, or Vrishchika Masam, is the fourth month in a traditional Malayalam calendar and is a highly auspicious month. Vrishchika Masam 2017 begins on November 16 and ends on December 15. The 41-day Sabarimala Manadalam Kalam and Vratam begin from the first day of the month. Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple opens on the day for the two-month long annual pilgrimage season.

Vrischikam 1 is known as Mandala Kala Arabham or beginning of the Sabarimala season.

Thousands of devotees abstain from non-vegetarian food and observe certain austerities in the Vrishchika Masam mostly dedicated to Lord Ayyappa.

Some of the other important auspicious days in the month include Triprayar Ekadasi, Guruvayur Ekadasi and Trikartika.

Vrishchika Masam 2017 Ekadasi
November 30 (Guruvayur Ekadasi)
December 13 (Triprayar Ekadasi)

Vrishchika Masam 2017 Pradosham
December 1
December 15

Important festivals include:
December 3 - Chakulathukavu Pongala
December 3 - Kadampuzha Prathishta
December 3 - Kumaranallur Karthika
Vaikathashtami - December 10
Narayaneeya Dinam in Guruvayur - December 13
Trikartika - December 3

Amavasi and Pournami
Amavasai is on November 18, 2017
Pournami, or full moon day, on December 3, 2017