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What are the rules For Hartalika Teej fasting? - Hartalika Teej Vrat Rules

The rules for Hartalika Teej fasting is based on community and family tradition. Below are the important Hartalika Teej Vrat rules.

The fasting begins at sunrise.

The person fasting performs daily morning activities like bathing etc before sunrise.

It is a complete fast with some people not even drinking water.

The Hartalika Teej fast ends with the evening puja.

On the Hartalika Vrat day, the idol or picture or painting of Goddess Parvati is decorated with fresh clothes and a pandal (small puja house) is made from banana bark and leaves. Today, most people prefer to observe the vrat in their usual pooja rooms and do not bother to create a pandal.

A Shivling made from clay is placed along with Goddess Parvati.

Listening or reading stories of Goddess Parvati and Shiva is considered auspicious. Most people read the Hartalika Teej Vrat Katha.

Women dress up beautifully on the day by applying mehndi.

Green is the most preferred color.

Women form groups and involve in singing and playing. The most important aspect is playing on traditional swings.

In the evening, special Aarti is performed on the idols. After the Aarti, relatives and friends join in traditional singing and dancing. Fresh fruits and vegetables are offered to Goddess Parvati. Some people make special delicacies from coconut.

Most people break the fast by consuming the prasad or offerings.

Note - Strict fasting should be avoided if your taking medicines or if you working etc. Such people should opt for partial fasting.