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Story Sage Parashara And Satyavati In Mahabharata

Sage Vyasa was the son of Sage Parashara and Satyavati. The story of the Sage and Satyavati, who later became the queen of Hastinapura, is found in the Mahabharata and Puranas.

One day Sage Parashara was walking along the banks of Yamuna River and he saw Satyavati rowing a boat. She was then known as Matsyagandha and was the beautiful daughter of a fisherman. She was named Matsyagandha as her body had the smell of fish.

Sage Parashara was attracted by the beauty of Satyavati and he approached her. The sage then made request to make love to her.

Using his spiritual powers, Sage Parashara created a fog around the boat. They had physical union in her boat in daylight but it was not visible to the outside world due to the fog.

Sage Parashara then gave two boons to Satyavati – her virginity will be intact and her body would exude pleasant fragrance that would spread over eight miles.

Satyavati thus got rid of the smell of fish from her body.

In due course, Satyavati gave birth to Sage Vyasa.